weekend over again


Suddenly came down with a case of runny-nose-itus which could have been termed the sniffles except my nose just wouldn't... you get the idea. I turned in super early around 7/8 pm and put some homework on the backburner while I slept it off. Woke up rather late but dribble free!

Not much is going on here except the start of another quarter. This quarter is full of projects and reading so I've hunkered down and resigned myself to getting sun in the back yard while reading school stuff (textbooks, webpages, and journal articles) when it gets sunny again. I also got my grades from last quarter earlier last week and was pleasantly surprised. It was a good surprise and I'd like to thank the grading gods, aka my professors, for being merciful and generous. Thank you very very much. Not that I was expecting low grades or even average grades, but a pleasant feeling to see that my professors faith in me was justified.

Now just to keep up with this heavy reading load! Academic papers definitely take longer for me to read, dissect, and remember than most other literature.

In another bit of news that had me saying "duh" was the story about the guy in Malasia who owned a Mercedes-Benz with a biometric lock. Yeah, the one where the thieves absconded with his car and finger

I feel like I should say something about the Pope's passing and I'd typed out a bit but really only one general point is necessary, no matter what your faith- I believe in being grateful; our lifestyles exist on the labor and history of others from great public figures to insignificant unknowns. It would do everyone good to remember that.