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The much awaited picture of the sway pattern

Click to make it bigger and read the material requirements-


Wow. 12 balls total? Did I read that right? LoL

Oh, and on the education front... I'm one of those freaky weirdos that if I'm not riding hellbent for leather, I fall behind in classes. I have to be constantly stimulated because I bore easily. When I was in grade school and high school, they called it "honor student syndrome". I was the kid sitting in the back of the Calc class asleep who pulled A's in the class by doing the homework assigned at the beginning of class while the teacher was teaching it, then I would take a nap. I wasn't a good student in the fact that I was a teacher's fave, but I pulled a 4.0 through school and never took homework home. Oh, and they (the other kids) hated me because I always trashed the curve. (sigh)

After the fall semester last year, I can tell you that I still do it that way. Four college courses... and very upset Psychology and Ancient & Medieval History classmates because I shattered the curve on both finals. I don't believe in curves; I think they are unfair to those who know the material. (shrug)

This is cute! What yarn are you using? I tried looking in your archives but couldn't find it.

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