sway pockets


The back is complete after a trip to Imagiknit with Char. Finished a tiny pocket which might be able to hold a business card or post-it and am leisurely knitting along when I have some extra time.

I'm tinkering with the idea of knitting both fronts at the same time using two balls of yarn. What do you think? They'd be mirror images of each other, if all goes well.

Weather has stopped being warm and swung back to cold which is bad news overall but good news for the sway sweater.

Betsy asked which yarn I was using for this pattern. I've got 11 balls of Debbie Bliss Merino DK which I estimate to be enough to complete the Small sized cardigan. I'm not using an alternate color, so the edging will be the same exact color and I'll get more mileage out of the yarn. 3/4 of a ball more for the body!

Oh, and did you spy the completed pumpkin hat over in the sidebar? It may not be there long so look for it in my flickr album (just click on the most recent picture and surf for the hat in my album)
It is a tiny baby hat made of Rowan Classic Cashsoft using #5 12" clover mini needles from imagiknit (for a very reasonable $4.95 even if they the mini needles are/might be an odd circumference/diameter which no one has every bothered to mention or look at the back packaging for). Very enjoyable yarn! I want to knit a sweater with this. Just made up the pattern by casting on 90 sts. *k7, p2* in the round and decrease in the center (not at ribbing) when necessary. The hat is a gift for my cousin's baby. The status? Still waiting.

Evidently I was the only one called a pumpkin head by the nurses in the hospital as James, Melissa, and Char just stared at me when I asked if this was normal. Not in weirdness but I guess that's because they have gotten used me saying odd things like this. My head does not look like a pumpkin nowadays, thank-you-very-much. So I'm not touchy about it at all (normal head size here). But the hat is super-cute. Plenty of yarn left to send multiple pumpkin hats as the baby grows. Poor thing. Maybe I should start a blanket instead.