getting updates of bare bones websites


So say you frequent a website that doesn't have any bells and whistles. No RSS feed, e-mail notification of updates, or even low-tech in-person verbal announcement that a webpage has changed. Yeah, my professors create some basic webpages then expect all students to check them religiously. And I do. I use my firefox tabs to set multiple pages as a series of homepages. Still, it isn't hard to miss the newest and latest info if you don't know there's a change.

Well, for most cases, a change detection robot will help notify you of an updated page. Excepting the suddenly "live" links which point to documents which are currently restricted and will go "live" as permissions are changed, the robot (or agent ) will send you notification e-mail. I've set mine up to e-mail a bloglines e-mail address (link to do so at the bottom of the left hand side panel) so it will appear in my feeds. Also, if I suddenly start getting icky spam to my very difficult to guess bloglines email, I know who to blame for not following their privacy practices. Then I just cancel the temporary e-mail address.

Somehow this gives me a sense of freedom, like a dummy check, just in case I haven't had my tea and groggily don't notice new assignments. Could this be termed a lifehack?

direct link:
- this site seemed like the most straightforward and doesn't require unnecessary info like your name, country, or excessive registration.