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I rearranged the sidebar a bit. While looking for a new bookqueue interface, I plopped in a new plugin. However, alas, it had space sucking images. Images are catchy and they do provide instant recognition but they also take up sidebar space. Do you really look in the sidebar anyhow? And it was permalinked to Amazon stuff. Which is cool, since amazon sells just about everything. However, I spend a lot of my time in a virtual world where the content is vast and varied. I wanted to include links to journal papers and web-content I'm reading. What about shows not out on dvd? Music not on cd like podcasts and streaming radio?

So, after a bit of thought, I considered a sideblog, which would be neat, except I already have a better solution for including linked content- furl! Some people prefer to use the online bookmarking service provided by del.icio.us (get it, delicious?)? Haven't used them myself. I use furl because they cache a copy of the page onto their webserver for you which I find REALLY handy since the nature of the web is to change. When they change the content or content location, it drives me batty to have to go look for it again. If I wanted to spend time looking for it, I wouldn't have bookmarked it. del.icio.us vs furl

Just use the furl bookmarklet or firefox extension to add a page superquick. All you do while you're surfing along is click the "add to furl" button and enter a teeny bit of info in the popup. Submit, then off goes the title, url, cached page, category, rating, comments, clipping, keywords (did I mention Furl bookmarks are searchable? ) I did modify my stylesheets a bit to include furl's css tags but didn't have to. Just wanted it to indent and be prettier.

Okay, so I don't get any amazon association credit, but I could easily enter through my amazon association portal and bookmark thataway :)

All in all, I'm happy enough with this solution. It'd be nice to have better alt text when my mouse pauses over the link. Displaying the clipping would be good.

Also, this site is under a creative commons license now.

Enough blabbing about stuff you don't care about.