red tote brigade


I declared this little purse finished a week ago but haven't posted pics. Well, I'm sure you'll see the row that has the mistakes, but I caught it ohhhh, 2" later and it is in laborious seed stitch, which I am so not in the mood to redo. Even James noticed it.

Yarn: 2 balls Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon for a toal of ~$12, 16" #9 needles, and the free pattern Deco Ribbon Bag. Three days later (hey, seed stitch) voila, new bag!

And yes, the V sign is declasse, but as an asian girl wearing a bag on my head as a hat, I felt that this was somehow culturally appropriate. And it was funny.

:/ In any case, I give you the new red handbag on the right with the entire red tote brigade.

and it sometimes masquerades as a hat :)

If I were to go back and fix this, well, February Fix-it month is almost over (hehehahahhaaha!). Two balls juuuust made it and if I had been smarter and paying more attention, I'd have stopped while I still had more of the ball left to bind off and seam. I crocheted the bottom of the bag closed by doing a chain through the bottom loops while the bag was inside out because I felt this was more sturdy.