Felt like I should post something today but am unsure what.
Halloween was uneventful where only one teenage trick-o-treater missed the massive bowl of candy by the front gate so we wouldn't have to answer the door. This isn't laziness or we'll pretend it isn't. Our dog has bladder problems and gets really "excited" when strangers come about.

It suddenly started to rain and thunder outside. Nothing extremely interesting to most (other than me) has been happening in my life. No outings planned for this month except for a few dinner parties. Plenty of homework now with the last month of half of the quarter. Time to register for new courses... and pay another quarter of tuition. Oh, the Wilson Jones notebooks that Costco sells are pretty but the paper doesn't take erasing very well.

I did vote yesterday and that's I'll say about politics. I'm sure if you want to read about politics you can surf over to or shout outside your window.