stop drooling

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Blanca Blanca! Thank YOU!

I received a deceptively small package in the mail today which contained a huge surprise!

See? See!!!
3 balls of wonderful alpaca silk. 65m each
1 ball of Baby Brush Alpaca (the purple one) which is unbelievably soft. 110 yards
And cute double pointed needle holders!
Cute Halloween card "Whether you're a good witch or a bad witch...'s all about the shoes. Happy Halloween, girl!"

*does a happy twirl*
Thanks again! Who needs candy? Give me yaaaarn.


Yay! I'm so glad it arrived in time to be your halloween treat, and that you like everything.
I adore that alpaca brush. The silk alpaca is lovely, too. Your camera take such richly colored photos! Or is it the lighting? We have bright/dark painted walls so it sometimes makes it hard to get a good, true-to-color shot. I was also pleased as punch to know you were using the yarn I spun, despite doggie accidents! :)

Blanca- I used a halogen light and the flash on my camera with the hopes it wouldn't be really washed out.
I'm having a hard time not sleeping with the yarn :)

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