early to sniff sniff bed


I think I may be feeling my old age. A case of the sniffles hit me earlier today and I really can't explain why. Is wearing a down jacket and keeping warm not enough? Sleeping 8 hours? Maybe it was washing my hair at 1 pm and not drying it. I've gone through one of those small packs of Kleenex and have tissue burn on my right nostril where it is starting to irritate me when I blow. I guess faucet-nose season has arrived. Perhaps I'll start using a blow dryer. Hmm, I wonder if Costco has the three-ply tissues in stock yet.

The water for the hot water bottle is heating and I'll be getting in bed early. *pauses to sneeze* *sneezes again* Bed. In 45 minutes. Or less. Sounds like pizza delivery. *sneezes for a third time* *and fourth*