stumbled off the wagon

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Bought two skeins of yarn today from the sale basket for $12. Yay! Cotton Fleece in New Age Teal and Baby Cashmerino in what I'd call dusky lavender.
Now to find a pattern I want to knit with one or both of these awesome yarns. I'm not enamoured with the Fall Knitty since I don't have the funds and time available to knit a sweater right now. However, there are a few books I'm waiting for and these will make me hurl myself right off the yarn diet wagon-
* Knit Wit Out Sept 28th
* SnB Nation Out Nov 4th
* Last-Minute Knitted Gifts Out Oct 1st
* Bags: A Knitter's Dozen Out Sept 28th
* 25 Bags to Knit Out Oct 1st

I am sooo getting Knit Wit and SnB Nation (second of the SnB Series). Also probably snatching up 25 Bags to knit since I don't see too many non-felted bags (High Efficiency Washer so no felting for me) that I like. My credit card is whimpering just thinking about these books.


I love the last-minute knitted gifts book! I've already see most of those books, what do you mean they aren't out yet? You mean, not at the library yet?

Actually Char, they're all not out yet. I haven't seen them at my LYS and they're also not listed as shipping via Note SnB Nation is the second SnB book. There's also a knitted gifts book for children and pets which you might be thinking of. If you have seen the last minute knitted gifts book, good yeah yeah? Did you see a pre-pub copy at Purl Soho? Last min. book is written by the owner of Purl Soho. Should get it?

Yeah, I'm almost positive I've seen the last minute knitted gifts book. . . it looked really cute! (Although I could have sworn I saw it when I was with you. . .) And can't you order it from amazon? And I also could have sworn I saw the 25 bags to knit book too. . . maybe it was a different edition.

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