tea tea tea!

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My Secret Pal Blanca sent me a gift certificate for Adagio Teas Thanks! As a remiss secret pal, I need to send a partial package to my giftee soon soon (two soons is more urgent than one soon). The happy sad thing is that the package weighs a bit tooo much so I'm waiting to get a tad smidgeon fuller before I ship it out. Good- Lots of goodies. Bad- Waiting. I'm going to dash off a note to my secret pal so she'll know she hasn't been forgotten. Also, October is special for her and I don't want to send the gift too early or late.

I still haven't hit the library or the yarn store. Spent the morning washing the car. Yes. Almost the entire morning. Suitably, my fingers are pruney little things that hurt a bit. Stupid sap. If there was a way to get the dried sap off without scrubbing like a maniac, I'd be glad to take that route. Even the trusty baking soda didn't do much good today. Anyone know a way to get cocoa pod sap residue off my car without a wax job? A nice skein of yarn to someone who comes up with a good solution! How about a ball of direct-from-LYS Lamb's Pride? I'll even take color requests. Save my fingers for knitting. Please. Help. I'll throw in chocolate. Tea? You can't have my blankets, though. I give those up for no-one.


does the vegetable oil trick not work? sometimes hot water helps, too.

Tried the veggie oil trick and it did zip nada zilch squat.

You should use a harsh soap, and hope it doesn't take off paint also! maybe detergent? and definitely hot water. oh, another good thing might be enthanol! or acetone! ask melissa for some! hehe!

Glad you like the tea...let me know what you order :)

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