what happened


Here's a photo of my Lattice Pattern swatch I knitted up in the elann alpaca. And oh oh! I did this without a cable needle for the most part. Tip for knitting cables without a cable needle - Knit Loosely otherwise you won't be able to get under the loops even with the superb addi turbos.


And here is what it should look like (from knitty.com in Cashmerino)

Perhaps when they meant C4F, actually transfer 4 stitches to the cable needles instead of 2? Mine looks like waves rather than cables. I might re-try this pattern with some scrap yarn which I know hold a cable... In the meantime, I turned the swatch into a cell phone cozy. Since swatching is good for you, I'll probably end up with endless cell phone cozies and coasters. Anyone want one?

On a different topic- I received my amazon book Tuesday via UPS because amazon kindly expedited the shipping all by themselves. Powells, on the other hand, somehow routed my book to Washington from their Portland Oregon store earlier this week. Uh huh. It is a good thing that I am not planning on going to Portland because there would be a story in the newspaper about how some little lady walked into the shipping department and started to jab at people with 14" metal knitting needles. Had I known shipping would have been this slow, I really would have paid for the expedited shipping via Amazon Marketplace powells. Powells shipping is going to get a short letter of peeveness. Perhaps Powells is not to blame but their shipping distributor? In which case I would go to another location and poke. After all, the us postal service is no longer a government organization so I can't be arrested for harassing a federal employee. HAH! (Yet again proving why freecia should not become a lawyer)