Wow. Becky came, read (extensively, might I add), and commented! See!
I feel so cool and flattered.

Other knitting blogs I admire (and pretty much auto-check every day-see RSS below)
* Yarn Harlot and her excellent fun writing style. Always great fun and worth not knitting to read. You can do both at once, though.
* Chicknits always interesting
* Knit Happens for their excellent stash/stock sharing! (Check it out, she knows Debbie Bliss. WOW)
* Pinku has great updates about Japanese knitty stuff which I adore. Gotta learn how to say that in Japanese.
* nipperknits
* super eggplant
* Wendy Knits
* The Blue Blog
* Sugar Cubed (she's so cute)
* Vidardottir

And just in case you're thinking that I spend half a day reading blogs, well, I use RSS to grab the headlines and check when they've been updated. This makes it extra quick and easy to see new entries. So, the proper straight answer to if I spend way to much time reading blogs is- "Only if I want to".

These blogs all have a style of writing and I'll be trying to come up with my own. Polishing your writing skills and style is always a good thing.