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Afghan square for Mason Dixon Afghans for Afghans
My first cabling attempt went quite well. Easy peasy! :) I just kinda freestyled it so some of the cables look a bit longer than others. The yarn is Bernat Denim Style which can be machine washed and dried. Denim Style is actually fairly soft and I wouldn't mind wearing a sweater made out of this but I might use larger needles next time. It shed a bit on me while I was knitting it on the suggested #8 needles and it felt extremely tight. There's a second square in progress made of Encore Worsted which just has some random patterns. Nothing fancy but it should be quick. Just 3 more inches to go.

Still knitting slower than I expect. For some, the enjoyment is in the soothing feeling of the knitting, for others, it's getting the project done and adding to their wardrobe. For me, I like the knitting, but I'm also impatient to see the finished object. The glory moment for me is when it is done. However, the actual mechanics of knitting is nice, too, and if I knit faster, well, then I could knit more. Yes yes, but then I'd buy more yarn... This is the same issue many knitters have.

The past few days have been extremely hot for this area. The houses around here weren't built to accomodate this crazy warm weather so the coolest place is usually the car with the A/C. Newer houses around here are wising up and have air conditioning. I stayed off the computer for the most part and watched tv while slowly knitting. The yarn kept on sticking to me...

Righto. Off to the real world to earn my keep.