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Though about this some more. Thought I might mention that I'm big on cutesy Japanese stuff like Sanrio and San-x. Favorites are Chococat, Monkichi, and Cinnamaroll (It looks like a white bunny but is a dog). Fair warning for those who don't know me in person- I don't wear girly pastel pink. I'm picky about the exact shades of pink I like and dislike. On a side note, I seem to be collecting jackets as I have 12 or so by now.

Wow. more questions from SP3. Okay.

22. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?
This is a toughie as I watch quite a bit of anime, generalized- cartoons from Japan, and there's several characters I love. Of particular non-humanoid cuteness are the soot balls from Spirited Away, Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi!, and Ein from Cowboy Bebop. I went through a "duckie duckie duckie!" phase and all received a lot of duck oriented items so I'm a bit ducked out.
23. What is your favorite holiday?
None, really. I look at all of them as vacation time! Perhaps my favorite holiday to celebrate is Melissa's birthday which coincides with New Year's Eve.
24. Is there anything that you collect?
Dog hair. Wait, that's an unwelcome gift from my dog who sheds like crazy. Other than yarn, I collect foreign currency, postcards, pens, and though unintentional- books. Most of my collections are travel based like my collection of Minidiscs I pick up when I visit Asian/European countries.


Y'know, you could possibly spin your collection of dog hair into yarn.

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