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Ahh, Blanca. Yes, yes I would go through 177 different sites looking for you. Not all that many people read Isabel Allende, after all. Yes, I've read House of the Spirits and the reference to Blanca had been poking in my mind for a bit. My personal favorite Allende book is Portrait in Sepia.

As for my name, long story short, I was somewhat named after the freesia flower and it's pronounced Free-sha. There are a few other Freecia's in the world and I have no idea how they like to pronounce their name.


I've read almost all of Allende's books that have been translated, but I haven't read Portrait in Sepia yet, mostly because I didn't like Daughter of Fortune. But I will check it out on your recommendation! :) I think HoTS is still my favorite, and it was the first I read. Although Paula is very good, and very sad.
Of course, none of this is going to help you, because I only talk about KNITTING in the blog that I entered for SPIII. Happy hunting!
wheee, this is fun. :)

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