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Here's my haul from today's trip to the LYS. Scarf Style which I'll just say I'm really really excited about. There are beautiful and interesting to knit scarves in here. I would love to write a review of this book but I'm still gushing and looking at the pictures, trying to keep my drool from falling on the pages.

Here are a few photos of my favorites:

Picked up a few cable needles while I was there because I've been wanting to try cabling but want to figure out how to cable before I just drop the stitch from the needle. I've explained this to Char, that you can cable without a cable needle holding the stitches, but she finds it unnerving. It's theoretical knowledge for me, too, and I decided that perhaps it'd be more pragmatic to learn how to knit cables with a cable needle then after I get used to cables, forgo the cable needle.

The needles are Bryspun Bry-flex 5 inch double point #8 which my LYS owner, Louise, gave me to try out. She received them as a promo item and doesn't like the points so she passed them on to me which was extra nice of her since she certaintly has employees and other favored customers she could have kept them for. I'm to tell her how I like them :)

Melissa made a nice purchase of two additional cream balls of Cashmerino. She'd originally wanted to return an extra ball of the light blue but it had snagged on something. Instead, she purchased two cream balls and will probably start her first colorwork! I offered to liberate her blue ball on Char's or my behalf. Blue-y would have a good home with a lone black ball of Cashmerino I picked up from the sale basket. Why I only bought one, I'm not quite sure... but sometimes those sale basket items, tossed in a basket proclaiming them as leftovers, exiled from their well organized relatives in their neat little piles on custom built shelves, they say "I'm on sale!". What, you thought I felt pity for them? Ah, I do, my friend, I do. I would take all you little orphans home and give you a place in my stash, but I'm a harsh harsh woman and realize that most things take more than the lone lot ball in the basket. Not to despair, lovely yarns, I usually succumb, allowing myself to occasionally bring one or two home, unlike those kittens from the Davis Farmer's Market. Hey, if I can resisit kittens, I can resist a ball of ... well. maybe. stop being so soft and cute you. you. YARN!


Hey you! start with a simple cable first before jumping into craziness! ;)

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