tivo- you light up my tv


My mother had a tendency to race home for specific tv shows. She doesn't turn down social engagements to watch her shows but often gets home by a certain time to slide past the hot water maker for tea, turn on the tv, and feed the dog. The thing that I find a tad bit baffling is that the shows aren't that great. There's really only one requirement- it be in Chinese. Oh, and Monk, we do not miss new episodes of Monk without due cause or forgetfulness. I'm sure if she was an appointment oriented person, she'd write it on the calendar- "Monk. 7pm. New."

But hah! We've turned a new leaf and learned a new trick! Tivo!. Techbargains posted a tivo deal and I had forwarded it on to her with a slight suggestion. Come on, $13 a month is worth it to free yourself from the only thing more regular than my alarm clock going off in the morning and me not getting up until an hour later. So yes, we now are the proud owners of a Series 2 Tivo. Every so often after my mother watches one of her recorded shows, I pop in and ask her if she's exhilarated (in Chinese). Somehow, I may be more excited than she is, like the time I hopped around flailing my arms like a 5 year old chirping that I wanted to "demo" the Tivo. Today I experienced Tivo for myself as I watched an episode of Knitty Gritty and sped through the parts I wasn't interested in. Did I mention it recorded the episode at the I'm-not-awake hour of 7 am? Yes! Life is great.

And yes, I set a Season Pass for Monk. Despite having seen almost all the episodes, she wants to watch them again, without commercials. Yes ma'am. I can do that.