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They say the locals never go to the tourist attractions in San Francisco and as a local, I can pretty much confirm that. As I stood on the pier at Fisherman's Wharf and turned around, I found Coit Tower on top of a hill. Huh. I didn't know that was there. In fact, the only reason I actually know about Coit tower is 1)It's a broadcast booster location (so it makes sense that it is high up) and 2)I saw postcards and news report scenery footage of Coit.

This was a busy busy weekend for me. Almost reunion-esque. On Saturday I had dim sum brunch with several family members including my cousin Palo whom I hadn't seen for ohhhh, a year or two? There was a lovely Mum flower exhibit in the mall where the dim sum place is and I used my camera phone to capture some grainy photos. Stopped over at Fry's, electronic store of choice for the nerdiest computer geeks, and went to Microcenter because $40 for a USB hub is silly.

For dinner we went to an old family friend's house for BBQ. Uncle Francis firmly believes in being a carnivore so we brought Kobe Beef. My my was that yummy. My parents has been friends with "Uncle" Francis and his family for ages... Vince, I blame you for my barbie doll decapitation initiation ;) I hadn't seen Vince in five years or so since he's been in other states working but he recently moved back. Uncle Francis' brother's wife's niece Cindy was also here visiting from Taiwan so we made plans to do the tourist thing Sunday.

Sunday we got up early and headed for Fisherman's Wharf except a bike race took over the roads and it took a lot longer than it should have to get there. Once there we walked about a bit and waited for the weather to clear. I guessed she wasn't impressed with the famous SF fog (hah!) which obscured pretty much all views even at 11 am. Strolled about, saw the sights, took some pictures after the clouds cleared out, and headed to McCormick and Kuleto's for lunch. My crab, shrimp, and brie omlette was fairly good but not as good as the seafood omlette I had in Seattle at Pike's Place. The view was fantastic, the restauraunt quite pretty, and the service was attentive (the prices were high). Ghiradelli Square and Project Open Hand were hosting a Chocolate Festival and despite being stuffed, how could we say no? We tasted just a bit and trooped on to our next destination- the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Missed the sf side lookout so we parked at Vista Point by Sausalito and I gotta say, WOW! What a view! Glad we went in the afternoon so we could see clear to the bay bridge. Had to skedaddle since I was meeting Cheryl and Dave for Napolean Dynamite at 4:45.

Got to the movie theater just in time but Dave had called and said he would be late. Pooh. Cheryl and I went shopping inside the Great Mall. Shoes! Resisted buying shoes. Dave showed up and we decided on dinner at the american side of McCarthy Ranch. For those of you unfamiliar with Milpitas and McCarthy Ranch, one side is dominated by the Asian grocery Ranch 99 and various asian eateries. The other side is dominated by american stores like Best Buy and etc. We ended up at Pasta Pomodoro and went back for a later showing of Napolean. When we got to the theater, we decided to watch Collateral instead on the basis that we could see Napolean on dvd. Eh. Collateral was okay but I'd say it would be fine to watch on dvd. Nothing exploded, after all. Went home, watched Underworld which satisfied my odd penchant for the vampire genre, despite most vamp movies being so terrible. Possibly better than Van Helsing and it used old school animatronic effects which is unique in this computerized age.

And that was my busy weekend. Special appearances made by Palo, Mimi, Vincent, Cindy, David, and Cheryl. And several others which made this production happen. Thanks for the great weekend!


I'm glad you made it to your evening appointment on time. Thanks alot for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out with me and Cindy! It was fun seeing you after so many years. Whoo hoo for SF Touristy things! Don't forget to visit me next time you are in the Great Mall!

Thanks Vince! It was fun!

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