baby got stash - SP3

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Blanca- not only have I not googled (and if it's in google, I'd find it) the return addr on the package, I didn't rip the address label off to find out who the recycled box was sent to. This is completely un-freecia-like restraint!
Had a lovely Sept 11th which lots of Kobe steak at a BBQ. Is this sacrilegious in light of the history made on this date? I'm enjoying my American privilege of eating bbq'd meat, the lovely sun, and friends. Didn't get any knitting done which was sad but good that I was socializing. Took the Blanca yarn with me to look at and ponder over. It's so soft and the colors are divine! pat pat poke pat. poooke
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Thanks Blanca! I partook of the tea already and it's definitely unique! As for the hopeful yarn- RIGHT ON CHIQUITA! I LOVE this stuff! I'm doing my happy dance in my office chair.

Short on time so I'll include a photo blog for today

I'll post her letter later :) Thanks Blanca! Still doing the happy dance (more of a butt wiggle).

whew. thank goodness for my own server and dsl :)


Yay! I know those magnets were not nicely arranged on that lid when they got to you, I heard them rattling around. :) Thanks for taking such a picturessque photo and protecting my good name!
Your photo of that yarn shows the colors much better than mine, too. :)
I am so happy you like everything, especially the yarn!
And that package was addressed to my darling significant other at an old address, so it wouldn't have helped you anyway!

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