You da perp

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Nothing, yes nothing, on the needles. So sad. Must start something today. The last few days have been a bit of a tizzy and I've been admiring the wonderful yarn Blanca gave me. I lined the purple zeeby with those plastic embriodery sheets as a stiffener and handed it off to mom to sew in as I don't like hand stitching all that much and she's much more even anyhow.

Projects I'm considering -
Christmas gifts
- beanies
- wristlets/ fingerless mittens
- cabled scarf
for moi
- kyoto perhaps?
- debbie bliss alpaca silk
- Rowan and rebecca
(see the sweater trend?)
from blanca loves me yarn
- pillow
- beanie

Probably will start a beanie from the alpaca for xmas giftee while I hunt about for a good fingerless glove pattern (fingerless since it is so much easier to type and grip) and decide on a sweater stash investment.

While surfing through the chicknit blog today, I linked to what I suspect could be my secret pal's blog... Doh, and I read this blog from time to time, too. In fact, it wasn't until the latest entry that the clues kinda went BAM! (Emeril style) and I thought "Hmmm. Wow. Remarkable coincidences...". Then my outstanding moral fiber twanged and said, "Stop stop! Don't spoil it!" Yeah, it was more a dink than a twang.

I'll practice intense patience (HAH!) and say "don't tell me!". I could be wrong, too. My mother went and ripped off my address label on recycled box my SP3 pal sent me after I'd collapsed it and stuck it in the recycle... So potentially I could read the label that was under mine and confirm or dispel my suspicions... But I won't! I'm so proud of myself, I think I'll go eat ice cream. Of course, now that I've said this, my perp will throw out all sorts of confusing trails to lure me away from my hunt. Litter the floor with breadcrumbs, Blanca. Part of the fun of Secret Pal is not knowing, right?

As for my own vic, er, secret palee, I think I have a goodly amount of stuff to send out soon. There are a few more items I'd like to include in this package but I think I may leave them until next month as I've made her wait long enough. Besides, I know what I'm planning for next month ;) and she's going to flip her lid. cackles with glee Should I drop a clue? Hm. I am pretty far down on the blogroll and most people, except the wonderful fluffa, won't read this, yes. Here's a obfuscated clue - The month of October is of special interest to my special pal. How annoyingly general is that!?


You think you are so crafty, eh, Freecia? (Double entendre there)...I just started my blog a little while ago so I doubt it's being linked many places.
I really don't think that reading the label will help you (but that doesn't mean you should do it! Your mind works in strange ways).
There is definitely more than one knitblogger in SP3 from my state.
All the projects sound must be strange to have nothing on the needles!

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