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Here's the body of my bunny which is missing both ears. It kinda reminds me of char and camping. The pattern is from heart string fiber arts which I saw on poor miss finch

And just in case you're wondering what this smart little bunny is reading - Image Compression for Digital Image Processing. Then if you're wondering why the poor little bunny is missing both ears, I need some teeny tiny needles. The tapestry needles (the temporary ears) are too short to comfortably knit with (yes I tried that).



Freecia.... I don't even know you personally but your blog is scaring me.


Remote Scaring? Ohhh! (Actually, that was part of my boatload of reading for this weekend) I guess Robin didn't mention that I'm possibly the weirdest (though stephi may want to claim that) one in the group? Also the biggest computer nerd...

As for knitting and anime- I can watch subbed anime while knitting. Useful talent I assure you as netflix is sending a little snow sugar fairy soon.

Hey! that bunny is so cute!!! I will try him soon. . .but I have yarn for a turtle. . .it might be the debbie bliss, and be blissfully soft!

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