happy dance for smart browsers

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Get Firefox!

Okay, so I was already pretty much a dedicated firefox user but like a well seasoned developer (I'd like to think) I try not to upgrade to the newest software on a stable system. Why oh why you ask? This might seem odd to those of you who know how much I loooooove new techie-toys. Simple answer- it invariably bites me in my well padded tush. Most developers are cranking out "critical" updates which invariably break your software. Hey, you developers, would you please test it before you release it? Some (ahem) release updates that not only introduce more problems for you but also break your whole operating system. That's when I get creative with my language. So. Unless you need to, why update your software? For the great new features of course! (Sometimes this is said with great sarcasm) So, other software "upgrades" aside, what do I love about the 1.0PR edition of firefox and firefox in general?

  1. It works. Really it does. Just like the stable release of 0.8 but this is a "technology preview" which means they don't want to promise it is stable. But it seems to be.
  2. Tabbed Browsing. I'm a multi-tasker who usually has 7+ browser tabs open. Extremely handy and they don't take over your Windows Taskbar (UGH!)
  3. Tiny download. I have enough software bloat issues.
  4. Slightly modified searching still works with the '/' key, just like the supergeeks who use vi are used to.
  5. Super duper bookmark editor. Even though I use furl I still have some local bookmarks.
  6. Extensions! Add functionality to your browser. Easily! Ones I have loaded - Sage for feed reading, gmail notifier, tab-browser preferences, quicknote, and Web Developer. I'm thinking of getting the image magnifier extension.
  7. Uninstall extensions easily. YAY!
  8. Excellent popup blocking and if you never want to see an ad, adblock extension is available.
  9. Themes/Skins to make it look a bit better.
  10. Standardized W3C which means it really does play by the rules. Much easier to to develop for when you know the rules, eh?
  11. Starts up FAAAST. Netscape used to be so slow. Firefox, however, could rival IE. And that's just super.
  12. Multiple platform support.

Just get it. You'll be so happy

Robin- I don't know how this compares to safari, but I dunno, you may want to try it if safari isn't cutting it for you :)


Actually, I use MSIE. Weird, I know. I guess because it has all my bookmarks and settings the way I like them (bittorrent files automatically open, etc.). I use Safari for backup. Safari has its share of bugs anyway, I have vague memories of stability problems but I can't say for sure.
Little sugar snow fairy? I've heard of that. We tried RahXephon and Fushigi Yugi today. I think you'd like Fushigi Yugi, but it doesn't seem that much of it is currently out on DVD. I wish I had the resources to offer to trade with James, I'd like to ask if he has it. We're also getting Nadesico soon, that looks good.

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