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25 Bags to Knit - Trafalgar Square

Have you seen this new bag book? Drooooool They look quick and easy which isn't always my bag (pun intended) but it is nice to knit up something fast and have it be useful. I'm also interested in their handles since I feel some handles are flimsy and become an otherwise sturdy bag's downfall. Like like... A good looking person with a less than pleasant personality. You can look at it but you sure don't want to interface (hey, I'm a computer geek. of course I'd use the word interface) with it. Crafter's choice book club supposedly stocks this book but I don't see it.


Yeah, that book was on my wishlist for a while, but I took it off, because I already have too many projects going on! I don't intend on making another bag soon. But you can definitely find it on amazon!

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