movin along


The golf club cover/sock is just about done and I'm taking a break from weaving in the ends to blog a bit. I am working on a His Hat knit up in Austermann Candy but am having issues with the gauge. I've swatched and matched the gauge1 stated on the pattern but every time I cast on, it doesn't seem like enough circumference-wise. I think I'll probably bring it to Seattle with me as a smaller wip2 and ask Char to help me with it. Char changes patterns, gauge, and cast on all the time.

Instead, I think I'll get out my Alpaca and start on a Christmas gift scarf. Oh speaking of scarves, we (Melissa, Char, and I) have all fallen for this free scarf pattern which has the really great benefits of being somewhat detailed but easy to do and doesn't eat yarn like 2*2 ribbing. Every one of my female friends who has seen a bit of this knit up has loved it. We personally don't split it for the hole because all three of us don't like scarves like that.

1 stitches per inch

2 Work in Progress