inhuman self restraint


I went into the yarn store today looking for double pointed needles (non-knitters1: points on both sides) to work on my circular golf club cover which is similar to a sock. I had been using one needle magic loop but shifting the stitches along so slowly made me slightly peeved. The store was out of the size I needed, though, so I splurged a bit and bought a #6 24 inch circular needle. This will enable me to do the two needle loop which should be a bit faster. The thing with circular knitting needles is that they come in several different lengths and you have to use the "correct" size when you're working on something circular. Too short or too long and you're going to be spending another $6-13.50 on another length of pretty much the same needle with a longer cord. Don't remember if I mentioned that I picked up a Denise Interchangable Needle Kit and I don't regret getting it. While I do favor non-plastic needles, it's just so convenient having all these sizes available. Besides, I still pick up a few premium (addi turbo/ bamboo) needles here and there in sizes I'll use frequently.
The needle was the only thing I purchased which is really showing restraint especially since I saw the new Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk in stock for $8 a ball (nk- this isn't expensive, most good yarns cost much more). The photos don't do it justice, it is soooo gorgeous and soft. The sheen is wonderful and noticible. It's definitely going on my wish list! The other yarn I wanted to run away with was Goddess Yarn Julia which I'm told deserves the name since it is "I love this yarn!", repeated every three stitches, to knit with. It does hold a cable well and is softer than most (though not the softest ever). Julia doesn't look like it sheds, either, which is also wonderful.
Ahhh back to my current projects.
On a sad side note, there was supposed to be a Knitter's Click meeting today but no one showed up. Did I scare off the others or are they all on vacation? My hunch, despite my scary demeanor, is vacation because I wandered over to the yarn store and the owner indicated that the last meeting, which I'd missed, had spartan attendence.

1 non-knitters will now be referred to as nk