robin comes back for a visit


If you've looked at the sidebar, you might have noticed a picture of Robin because she's been home for a few days and we've been getting together. So far we've gone to dinner at Frankie Johnny and Luigi's, Max's, and a get-together at her place. She got home Thursday and we got together for our usual night out. Char met up with us late in the evening at Melissa's before she departed Friday for Tahoe.

Saturday we did some shopping where Robin pounced on the current natury trend and purchased two tops with birds on them. One is purple from Urban Outfitters and a pink, yes pink, from Hollister. Melissa came out with a shirt from Urban. I managed not to buy anything except for dinner which was at Max's in Saratoga. Melissa, Robin, Greg, and I all gorged ourselves on yummy food and had no room for dessert at the time. Basically, we just dropped off into food coma and called it a night.

Yesterday Robin came and picked me up to go scout out a desk for her. We went to Ikea and Office Max where she found a glass desk she liked at Office Max but didn't buy because it was expensive ($220+). There was a get-together at her place on Mon. night so we did the rounds at Costco and supermarkets picking up supplies. I bought a big box of Ghiradelli Brownies from Costco as my contribution and we whipped up a pan of brownies for the party. People arrived around 5:30 and we sat around watching a few episodes of Full Metal Panic Fumoffu then chatted a bit as Char, Julie, and Melissa all found Robin's (or rather Robin's Mommy's) new place. Robin's friend Cy also came and that was the first time I had met him. He was a hoot! Megan, the engaged one younger than all of us, also came. Basically, the only no-show was silly silly Sean but he had work so I guess we're willing to forgive him. After a dinner of stir fry, salad, and copious amounts of mango cheesecake and brownies, we plopped down to The Last Samurai after Cy and Robin popped in a small lasagne in case Sean showed up (or in case they got hungry again?). After a bit of staring at the cast-on stitches for the knitted hat I'm working on, I caught a ride home with Melissa while Char went off to see her friend Maulik who was in town. It was a great night of chit chat and I'm really looking forward to our departure on Thursday to Seattle. It's going to be so fun!

Basically we're all going to be together except for Stephi who we'll miss (as things are never as fun without the wacky Steph element). Disneyland and Legoland was the other trip option which would also be exciting but I think we all decided to do that sometime cooler and less populated.