yarn stash


I've added three balls of Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Wool to my collection. It's a dark inky blue and will be made into a nice scarf for Jay who refuses to wear a girly scarf from an anime... Punk (it'd be cute, but yeah, they'd make fun of you) Jay's going off to a cold cold town in Japan to teach English to kiddies. He'll be going at the end of this month and he'd better take the scarf with him. Choosing the yarn was a great big debate which involved two people other than me at the yarn store yesterday. He said he liked navy blue and that it was really cold there. Hence the dark blue wool. However, I'm also sure that Jay is oblivious to yarn/wool care and wouldn't know not to machine wash it... That'd result in a teddy-bear sized scarf... Hence the superwash. Superwash means the yarn will not felt. I also wanted something soft enough so he'd actually wear it. The Classic Elite inca alpaca was extremely soft but the Mission Falls wool or Debbie Bliss Merino Aran was machine washable and more practical. The Mission Falls won due to yardage/price (85 yards/$5.80 versus DB 50 yards/$6).

I guess since I'm honoring Jay with a scarf, perhaps I should give one to our New York University bound Kalyan. He may get an alpaca or merino version. Kalyan is so cautious that I bet he'd remember to handwash. It's kinda fun taking personalities into consideration when you knit something for someone. Some people get cold ears/hands, others would toss a merino wool sweater into the washer (NOT a good idea) and possibly add a few pairs of jeans (don't do this unless you want to ruin it), and some can't stand the style of knit-wear. Everyone has certain colors they like/dislike (my female friends will probably never receive something in baby pink) and fabric/care opinions.