jay's scarf

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I've swatched Jay's 2*2 ribbed scarf using the Mission Falls Superwash Wool on the suggested #8 needles. However, I'm not really satisfied with it because the ribbing is a bit looser than I'm used to (not that I'm experienced at this). I'm thinking of taking the swatch to the yarn store and seeing if I should go down a needle size to get a tighter weave. As it is, any wind would defeat the purpose of a scarf. The holes are so large that I don't think washing would really "fill in the gaps".

See the large image to get a better idea. And psst, the cloth underneath that is some ivory stretchable silk to line James' cell phone cozy (it's a kitty shaped cell phone cozy).

Update: took a jaunt to Uncommon Threads (LYS- Local Yarn Store) and they said it looked like the right gauge. If it were tighter, it'd get stiff and stifling. Since the yarn is wool, I was assured that it'll be plenty warm. The scarf will be snuggly if kept a bit loose and prevent Jay from overheating (Please, no comments about the "hotness" of Jay here).


Hey! I'm HELLA hot! Hot like a... what's cool that rhymes with hot... robot? But anyways, thanks Freecia!

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