knit another few rounds


The Bag is coming along nicely now that I've given up on the lace pattern. Just not ready for that yet, I guess. It caused me much strife in counting the intended amount of stitches before coming up short in the end.

Also blocked out Zeeby's bag I'm making for my mom from SnB book. I blocked using t-pins, foamcore, two plastic garbage bags, and a plastic grid I found in the clearance section of Michael's for $2 (woohoo for cheap stuff!)

Also picked up Lion Brand polarfleece yarn for a $5 at Michael's. While it's not that easy to knit (and I'm using Addi Turbo's so that shound make it easier) and my stitches are always far far too tight, the yarn is so soft. My mom said it felt like the coat of a poodle puppy we met Sat. Night. He was the cutest floppy anything goes dog. And he didn't shed or smell. I had tried to get it to shed on Dennis but no go.