angel is entertaining


Angel is ever so entertaining. Well, not the show so-much but the downloads section I had a hard time containing my laughter. I'm especially entertained by a 32 piece do-it-yourself (diy) lifesize poster of the cast members (including James Marsters). Did you ever notice that he wasn't all that much taller than Buffy? Buffy's only about 5 feet and a couple inches with her vamp-slaying boots. So (8 pages -1 page due to cropping) * 11 inches tall *1ft/12inches = 6.4 ft uhh-huh. And then there's the tag lines, "This is a 3.7MB file, so it may take a while to download, but isn't it worth it to have this hottie all to yourself?" No, I'm not going to print out 32 sheets of paper and somehow trim the .5 margin required by my poster and tape them together.
On the other hand, if I ever find a Mahoromatic paste together(decently clad, please), I'll get some iron-on transfer paper and a huge pillow. James will finally have a life-sized mahoro. I'll probably use the huge pillow to smack him around with. (It wasn't me, it was the killer maid android!)