internet postage


An ode to internet postage via

How convenient you are
To Print a label and walk to the door
Down the driveway
To the mailbox
And back

How convenient you are
Checking the recipeint address
Telling me I mistyped
And the zip code
Glorified state of nine digits
Instead of a measely five

How convenient you are
Stamps from my printer
No wait
No running into my dentist
While she is doing her errands

If you didn't charge a subscription fee
But alas, $15.99 per month is too expensive
For my leisurely walks down the driveway

(I'll post my tell-a-friend code for $20 free postage for me when I get it)

update: referral code C-56RW-7R6 and fill it in when you sign up if you do. Also, they downgraded my account to a plan they used to have but now no longer advertise for $5.99 a month and 10% of postage (like 3-20 cents depending on the postage cost) I just emailed and asked them, explaining that my usage and consumption doesn't justify the $16 but I could afford $6 :) That's like a paperback book or something else I can do without. And still save time!