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I thought I'd be efficient today and whine about two of my favorite whine topics. A. gadgets (I see something new that I want) and B. travel (there's somewhere I want to be) which both have to do with lack of cash.

Japan bloggers webring

Please note the lovely camera phones they have. Some are 2 megapixel versions, which we americans can just dream about. It's not at all unusual to see Japanese citizens staring into a phone held a foot away from their body.
from bastish.net They don't have 3D holograms phones(at least not yet). They're simply taking photos. Yes, their phones have replaced low end cameras. So DoCoMo users who live in cities and have lives can take pictures for others who live in cell-phone hell (USA) to admire and gadget-lust after. Hence A)cool phones and B)Japan (and other travel) are combined into one whine.

Of course, I ask myself, what in the world do you need a camera phone for? Your phone is quite spiffy already.
My devil says "I could moblog- mobile blog. That is take a picture and send it via my cell phone to my website."
The angel replies "Oh. good point. but you have no life and you don't do anything interesting"
"I do too have a ... :( Can't I buy it anyway?" asks the devil.
"You dork" said the angel in a exasperated voice while rolling her eyes.
"Yeah well, you're the same person so you're a dork too. So there :p" claims the devil with a superior smirk.
Yes, my mind really is this infantile when it comes to self-control.

In the meantime, enjoy procrastinating and looking at pictures of japan. You can also moblog internationally. So far, my favorite site for torture is Mikan Moblog which demonstrates the lovely phone envy and the you're in japan envy. Also highly enjoyable is bastish.net which has a bonus whine of lovely color balances and vibrancy (what digital camera does he use!?)
And just so you don't think I'm a totally envious fool, I like to answer calls on my new cordless (not cellular) phone in our backyard during the sunny hours. It's quite pretty back there since my parents had it redone. Sometimes I take off my shoes and walk on the grass. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I'll go outside, sit on our flagstones, and catch some sun. Which reminds me, I need to buy sunblock. Yes, I take tea with me. Life is still great. The angel and devil freecia's can go drown in day-old tea.


I think he uses a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1.

But I also think he does some work on them in photoshop. ;)

BTW Thanks for the mention!

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