Don't Make me Laugh

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The always interesting and luxuriously printed Anthropologie catalog arrived in my mail box today. While flipping through the pages, I came across this cute hat with long ear flaps.


Rapunzel Snow Cap with ear flaps as long as scarves. Wool, Mohair, Nylon. Hand Wash. One Size. Scarlet. USA... $298

For me, knitting is a hobby (expensive hobby) and causes me to spend more than I "save". But $298 for a wool, mohair, and nylon hat? Not even hand knit (they'd say so). I take it back in this case, knitting it yourself is cheaper1. I stared at the hat for a second wondering if they'd misplaced a decimal point. Wool. Mohair. Nylon. Bulky-ish yarn that would make the hat a weekend knit (if not faster).

The $398 Crochet Boots also makes me laugh. Reminds me of the knitted boots.

There are times when silly pricing makes me smile and rummage in my yarn stash.

1 Try a top down hat pattern, then place the ear segments on stitch holders, bind off the brim, and continue knitting the flaps until they're an appropriate length. For a closer replica, knit the hat then pick stitches up about 1 inch above the brim for flaps. Knit flaps in a braided cable stitch (you could even make it a reversible cable).


seriously! so ridiculous. I obviously believe that handknit items should be high priced, but that's absurd. I can't put a price on the things I knit for gifts. These items took hours and hours of my limited spare time and are not about the commercial value.

Oh....I'm totally going to try to make's so cute, but it looks like a fast knit...and $300!!!! Yikes...

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