Glutton for Postcards

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I have a thing for postcards. A bigger thing than most people have, unless they have two large shoe boxes full of postcards in their closet. Those are just the ones I've purchased myself.

My friends kindly add to my collection with a postcard here and there. Here's Robin's most recent postcard from New Zealand.

{ Torrent Bay, Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson, New Zealand.
From: Robin, Sent: 11/9/2006, Received: 11/15/2006 }


She managed to write in very tiny and legible text on the back. Amazing.


Note, my friends also add to my yarn collection (and give me books, too). Not to be greedy, but my friends rock!


remember in jr high when we thought that in the language books when they talked about hobbies/interests, and postcard collection was one of them, we thought it was loony? i have bought photo albums to show case mine.. sigh

Hmmmm, maybe this is a theme? Not only are we all friends because we vacation at the same places, but we are all friends because we all have a postcard obsession. You guys have seen me buy them; I can be bad, very bad. I have been sticking them in my planner lately, which doubles as my journal at the moment, and I have little reminders of where all my friends have been through the year. I also have a very thick planner at the moment!

I got Robin's postcard in the mail today too! Hey! Did you get mine? I think I sent two.

By the way, I'm sorry, I am TERRIBLE at writing neatly on postcards. I'm also terrible at writing interesting things on them. . .alas, I need to work on my postcard note-writing skills.

salutes will try to send more postcards!!

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