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I've been pretty busy lately pursuing productive avenues of progress and just have a quick moment to say that another system has been added to the family (okay, it is a clan now. Or a really really big family) of computers.

Sometimes I call it the toaster, other times I call it Whitey. Robin calls hers shiny. Yes, that's right, I got a MacBook. This addition has come so I can work the media features on it, and taste the different way Apple likes to do things.

Since Whitey looks like every other white macbook out there, it looks like these

The pristine whiteness contains the middle model, with 2.0Ghz Intel Core Duo, 512 standard Ram (though I have 1GB coming), and a 60 GB hard drive which needs to be augmented at some time. Also, yes, I do expect to load Bootcamp and WinXP on it, when I need to.

First Impressions: Yes, it occasionally does get warm and once it didn't shut down properly. The fan does moo. I've even heard the high pitched whine occasionally (but mostly the unit stays cool). So? I like tech. The fact that it sounds like a computer doesn't bug me. The fact that yes, 10% of the time the system actually does heat up, well, computers create heat. It hasn't been enough to burn a hole through my jeans. The fans moo but that means it is on. Let's be reasonable, macbook users, it is a notebook computer at a darn good price and most laptops generate enough heat to warrant a laptop platform instead of plotting it right in there. Disregard the name and do what you know is smart- get yourself something to put between the lap and the macbook. Fans will come on, the screen will be glossy like its competitors, and you will look all pseudo-cool so girls will gush over your cute notebook. You will be able to shove it into your backpack, especially with one of these excellent 13 inch zeroshock notebook cases which fits the macbook pro with a bit of wiggle room front to back (it works well). I got mine at User Side in San Jose where they carry more colors than black. And I think it was a good bit less expensive.

Question: Anyone know of some good Adobe/Macromedia flash editing software for mac?

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