Busy Weekend Coming

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My oh My is this weekend going to be Fan-tas-tic! Why? 'Cause there's all kinds of fun events going on here.

First off, I present you
WWKIP (World Wide Knit In Public Day) tomorrow (Saturday) June 7
When: June 7, 2006. 10 am -2 pm.
Where: Intersection of Main St. and State St. in Los Altos, CA (right next to the Citibank)

Why: Participate in a world wide event and have a fantastic reason to say "I really have to go knit."
Who: You! You're invited! No RSVP needed, just drop in. Family, Signifigant Others, and Pets are welcome.
Bring: Your Knitting and Sunblock. Perhaps a Hat. There's food nearby.
Bonus! I've got 20% off coupons for Full Thread Ahead to hand out. Just in case you needed a little extra incentive to go outside and knit on a glorious day. Can't make it in person but you do KIP? You can still get a discount1. No KIP'er left behind!

Stacie puts the wheels in motion and is the host from 12-2. (Thanks Stacie!) I'm co-hosting the first two hours (10-12) and then I'm off to learn at vloggercon Oh yes, be warned, freecia's always been a little loco about multimedia. Mm yeah, I'm thinking a knitting videoblog would be really awesome.

And who knows, if I get enough done today, I might go to a Sherrilyn Kenyon signing later tonight in San Mateo at M is for Mystery Janet Evanovich coming to San Jose later this month, only days after her latest release Twelve Sharp.

1 Bring a photo of you Knitting in Public to Full Thread Ahead or e-mail it to info@fullthreadahead.com for 20% off regular merchandise. Good until June 18th.


Hi Freecia,
Nice seeing you yesterday. Here's the site I was telling you about

ooh, I would be pretty psyched to see Janet Evanovich...carpool?

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