Finishing Frenzy

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If I were a contestant in Amazing Lace I'd be in excellent shape! Oh yes, my first shawl is done! *Cue the music!*


Here's the shawl blocking. It is a gift for someone else so this is a sneak preview until the recipient models it for me. For those who are curious about the pattern, it is Interweave Knits - Little Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen [free pdf] and knit from Louisa Harding Kashmir DK (machine washable, yay!).


Here's a closeup of the arrowhead lace pattern on the outer edge.


Louisa Harding Kashmir DK yarn chained construction close-up. I hope this will deter it from pilling, since the yarn is 55% merino, 35% microfiber (probably what makes it machine washable), and 10% cashmere. (I have learned my wrath and a pink razor does not intimidate my pilled knits. The knits enjoy flouting me by leaving bits of fuzz all over my bathroom (because you shave in the bathroom, of course) ) I enjoyed working with this yarn and bought it from Imagiknit during their last big sale.

Details details:
> Needles - Addi Turbo US #7 in 16", 24"
> Yarn Quantity - Two balls and two rows+bindoff of the third ball.
> Size - Pretty much to size and meant as a small shawl to keep air conditioning off your shoulders.
" Finished Size - About 40" wide across top edge and 19" long from the center of the top edge to bottom point, after blocking. "

Saturday, I joined the fantastic Team Knit A Round at Relay for Life


And I just finished up my chemo cap contribution. Since the caps are donated to others, I've modeled it for you. Isn't it terribly cute? Pattern in the extended entry.


Picot Chemo Cap Pattern

Finished size: Fits Medium-Large Women's head
Yarn: 1 Skein Jewels DK Yarn (154 yards/ 50g)
Needles: Circular Needle US #7 16", Double Points US #7
{ Optional: Another #7 circular needed for Turkish Cast on }
Gauge: 22sts across for 4" in the round

Cast on 98 ( go down 1 needle size for a smaller hat) in your favorite provisional cast-on. { I suggest Turkish Cast-On and only knitting the "top row" for now. } If you prefer, you can do a normal long tail/knit-on cast-on and tack down the hem later. [The sample utilizes this regular cast-on and tack down method]
Knit two rows in the round.
*yo, k2tog* to create eyelet row.
Knit two rows in the round.
{ Turkish Cast-on: Fold wrong sides together so picot edge appears. Hold both needles together and *Knit 1 stitch from front needle with 1 stitch from back needle*, repeat * for 1 round. }

Hat Body:
Knit in round for approx 6 inches.

Hat Crown:
1: *k13, k2tog*
2: knit
3: *k12, k2tog*
4: knit
repeat rows 3 and 4 with k11, k2tog; k10,k2tog and so forth until k8, k2tog & knit.
14: *k7, k2tog*
15: *k6, k2tog*
16: *k5, k2tog*
... decreasing every row until *k1, k2tog*
20: *k2tog*, break yarn and pull through live loops.
Weave in ends. Block if desired.


The shawl is gorgeous! Great work!

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