Crafty Genetics

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I may have been enabled into crafts by my Aunt Tracy but my mom is pretty talented, too. Okay, well, my mother has always claimed that she can knit, sew, and crochet, but has other things she'd rather do with her time. Haha! I lured her in from a 20 something year hiatus in knitting by bringing back some bulky yarn (oh yes, Mom is expedient.) and she asked if purple was available. Well, a lavender-ish shade certainly is. I stole her knitting while she's out and snagged a pic. Look at what Mom did in about an hour last night!


Look how darn even her knit stitches are. Oy.

She remembered how to cast on and knit without a single refresher course. We joked that she could liken it to ride a bike, you never forget the mechanical action, but my mom never learned how to ride a bike.

Clearly, I come by this crafty stuff genetically ;)

Oh, she also decided that she still likes the orange-yellow shade of Plymouth Handpaint (purchased from fullthreadahead in-store) so I think I'm going to buy a few skeins and make a mobius for her as a secret gift. I'm lucky this stuff is bulky.

The other thing which allowed me to enable? It's been about 50 degrees F with lots of rain and our upcoming trip to Japan just promises more of this weather.

Olympic Update: Yes, I do need to post the gold medal. I still need to post a picture of the FO (finished object) first and hope to get to that this weekend.


Wow, it looks great. I think we definitely need a sample of that for the store. And yes, we did get photoshop found and uploaded onto the troublemaking laptop

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