Out of my Ever Lovin Mind

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If you hadn't heard by now, there's the Knitting Olympics knitalong - a Challenging project which must be started on the first day of the Olympics and must be finished (and blocked) by the last day of the Olympics.

Me, well, I just figured with working Stitches West, School work, and hunting for work work, I'd be out of my mind to join 'cause whatever I do when I'm not sleeping or knitting seems to take up a lot of time.

Yet, today, as I made some vacations plans to take place after my last quarter of grad school (Software Engineering M.S. in 1.5 years, thankyouverymuch) I figured out that my winter is not quite over. In fact, despite a pair of half finished mittens, one vest (in progress) , and one sweater (no pattern for stashed yarn yet) all for other people, I could really use something nice for myself. So, today I joined the olympics. And of course, just like many others who joined, wondered if I was out of my ever lovin' mind. I was torn between wanting to tackle a challenge and actually being "life-efficient" by not adding a lower priority item. The lure of improving my skills and some Olympic March playing through my head tipped the scales.

My event wil be Cat Bordhi's Cashmere Moebius Cowl and even though I'm eyeing some stash, I still need to pick up one of Cat's Treasury of Knitting books and a 40" #10 needle. Finding a 40"-47" #10 needle without mailordering (event starts Friday!) will by a national qualifying event by itself. And while you may think a tiny cowl is not a challenge, well, the Harlot thinks it is

Clearly, I belong on this team :

Yeah, there was brief entertainment of a hat, maybe Odessa or Shedir [PDF], or possibly even a baby fair isle sweater (That'd be Team Reservation for 1 at the Looney Bin). In the end, I figured Olympians know their limits and train to surpass them in crunch times but don't count on the impossible to happen. With my schedule (my life may be boring, but it is busy) I think this challenge is just that. Not enough to drive me to enhancing drugs or too much lost sleep.


I promise moebius knitting isn't that bad! It's downright fun and easy after you get the cast-on down. Totally do-able, except maybe for finding those needles!

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