Focus on the Socks

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Please focus on the socks instead of my dry white skin. I'm wearing them over my Sunset over Water socks to help the socks fit a bit better. Oh why would I need to pad my feet? Well, these socks just walked out the door on my Dad's feet. Now everyone has a pair of wool socks except for my dog.

Fleece Artist Socks

The yarn and pattern come together in a Fleece Artist Kit and the only alteration I really made was the ribbing. See, my Dad doesn't really understand hand knit sock ease and rather than have him be astounded by a big fat sock, I figured I'd avoid skepticism and fit issues by doing a 2*2 rib. Confusion averted.

Fleece Artist Socks Side view

You might have noticed that the sock cuff seems rather short and you'd be entirely correct. He usually folds his socks down or wears black socks pulled up with white sneakers and white shorts. Yes, my dad can be a fashion disaster. Besides, that's 3 inches less I had to knit on each sock, so I made another knitter's executive decision.

Fleece Artist Sock Heel

The heel method was one I hadn't tried before. I think it came out rather nicely as long as he doesn't decide to wear them for a lot of walking. I'm not sure how the seams would rub. Grumperina's method of picking up stitches really worked out well for me. I looooove how they don't create that gap. Though, personally, pick-up and knit really sticks in my head as pick up one side of the loop, draw working yarn through as if to knit but don't actually knit it. Go through and pick up all the stitches then on the next round - knit through the back. This knitter suspects that doing so creates a row of very tight stitches, which is fine with her since she doesn't want holes to appear. This may be one of those spots of confusion I had as a beginner and I recall it only one way, even though that may not be the right way. Much like when I see S1, I ask myself - "knitwise, purlwise?".

I had little ladders at the decreases in the toes but I just picked up the excess with a crochet hook and chained it up. Then I kitchenered the new loops in with the existing stitches.

Evidently this entry was written under the influence of broken sentences and miserly commas. And entirely self-focused. Better use of the English language will now resume on this blog. Thanks for your patience. Also, the draft button will be used. Push to publish makes things a bit too fast sometimes. Feel free to heckle me about my writing because I'm trying to improve it and I appreciate the feedback.


No heckling. Just a sigh of relief that now maybe you can knit a sample for the store? The socks look great!

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