My Left Thumb Hurts

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The blog has been silent on the knitting front but my needles have seen lots of action these last few days. Kae was right when she said I might plan to knit another pair of socks in the near future...

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I've been a diligent little knitter, especially considering that I started this over the weekend and am knitting this on US#2's. The yarn is lovely Koigu I picked up at Knit Happens during my vacation in DC and the colorway also happens to be my mom's "LOOK!!!! PURPLE!!!!" must buy now colors. These will be her socks even though they might wind up being closer to my foot size than hers. Our feet aren't all too different in size but it is hard to get her foot into the wip while they're only on 3 dpns. Still, I run to her now and then to demand her foot. She likes to stick it out with all her toes spread and I make her unspread them before she loses a toe to a dpn. I also occasionally hold the sock up so she can see the purple blob 15 feet away. Like a good mother she makes positive noises while keeping her eyes glued to the tv except for the quick 2 second look.

The pattern is Falling Leaves and yes, the sock does look rather wide, because I figured since I knit extremely tight, I'd best use #2's instead of 2.5mm needles to ensure the socks would fit our chubby feet. Purple Explosion is a bit wide but that is totally fixable with a nice hot water soak (being careful not to swish) and a quick tumble through the dryer, I'm hoping. And too big still is better than too small...

Mods1 - Instead of using the short row- yo method- toe and heel, I started out with a figure eight cast on except I cast on 12 stitches instead of eight. This is probably what is giving the sock the "sixth toe wiggle room" you see with the corners puckering out. The heel was a 3rd hour desperation version of Japanese Short Rowing. I have some execution issues but I still have another sock to practice them on. Lastly, I stopped short rowing about five stitches in from both edges of the heel because I was concerned that a wonky angle was being formed at the heel- it might have pulled the heel flap behind your tendon in too far causing the sock to rub. Nothing says love like handknit socks you can't wear because they give you blisters.

And that is why my left thumb hurts.
fn1. Mods = Modifications.


I love the falling leaves pattern, it looks like you have a good start. Nice colors, too! I remember when I was your secret pal you said you weren't interested in knitting socks! :)

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