As if I don't drool enough

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Thanks to Savannahchik who was kind enough to put up practically the entire book of Handknit Holidays

I felt the need to point out a few of my (somewhat odd) favorites: [pics copied from Savannahchik]




Somewhat odd = somewhat girly but gosh they're cute (the stockings and slippers)

Charlene also picked up the volume 4 amigurumi1 book which features cute crochet animals which look to be excellent x-mas gifts! (And may be a good inexpensive option, too) I do have a few Japanese pattern/stitch legend books that I'll be sending her way in return for usage of the book :)

Just how cute are these little toys? Here go take a look after you loosen up your jaw to say awwww lots.

1 Crochet, knitted, or sewn soft toys according to amigurumi along


Wow, I love those stockings! They look like a lot of fun to make.

I LOVE handknit holidays...and yes, those stockings...I have NO IDEA when or if I would wear them, but they are so attractive!

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