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Outdoor One Skein Wonder

Knit with : South West Trading Co Bamboo in "Special Exclusive Colorway aka Serendipity"
Needles :
- Denise #10 to get gauge. Which really run to 5.6mm. US #9 = 5.5 mm
- Clover #7 29" circular
Size: 16" for ease and because bamboo has very little elasticity.

Two balls of same yarn held together to get gauge. Or semblance thereof. Plenty of yarn left over to make a few washcloths. Total time? Two days or so.

What I might change. The outer ribbing seems like an underarm poof thing. Maybe an applied i-cord might be a good idea? Also, might rip out the edging to re-bind-off using #10 instead of #7. #7 gives a large enough but slightly tight feeling. Somehow modify the arm area so there's less of a wrinkle.

Easy knitting while watching tv. Getting gauge is the only tricky part as I knit tight and bamboo doesn't stretch like wool.

Bamboo yarn is pleasant to knit with and provides good stitch definition. Also a light halo and fuzz to the yarn. Easier on my fingers than some cottons

Closeup One Skein Wonder Outdoors

Close up

Frontal One Skein Wonder

Indoor with dirty mirror

Gauge matters

Gauge. heh heh Gauge. The two one skein wonders in comparison.

Will I knit this again? Probably. Maybe after I get some different needles. Just one skein is so hard to resist. Another thought- this might be an affordable Rowan Calmer project if you adjust for gauge difference


It looks stunning!

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