Please excuse the dust

Still a bit dusty around here. The individual and category archives still need work. Sidebar links will be added back when that website's service is more stable DANKE Oh, did I imply I was done changing things? Uhm. I'm not. Yes yes, this is all based on someone else's css because that person was spankin smart and a good web designer. Isn't the middle centered text easier to read? Black and white good, yes? Easier on the eyes?
There will be changes comin along. More changes :) I'm trying to get the hang of doing wonderful cute slideshows a la skinnyrabbit integrated with gallery.
This might be a 3 plugin project - mtgallery, mtembed, and multiblog. Really. yeesh. I might just upload to gallery first then hard-link to albums. I want captions!
And need to platform test. I'm just totally sure something doesn't work somewhere on a main browser (stats say IE6 for XP, firefox, and robin ;) )
Give me some feedback on the new layout, please
text too small, to large, weird justification, etc

Please excuse the wacko layout for another few hours :)