Sway cardie is buried in the depths of my bag right now. After knitting about 4 inches, I discovered that I had done the fatal careless cast on. Missing casting on about 10 stitches resulting in a much skinnier back piece and didn't discover this major brain fart until I'd knit up about 4 inches. Deep breaths. Okay.
Started over given the happy fact that I have many more balls of wound yarn. Got to a little more than the point I was at in only two days. Then my McGuyver-like pieces o string of yarn counters fell off, yet again. Then, in another brain numbing eye opening session of examination (I seem to examine when I can't figure out what is going wrong) that I had accidentally purled a few knits down by the ribbing. Oh, nothing major. But enough to irk me to pieces. I think I finally found the one thing I might be a control freak over. Really, I am not quite sure why, other than the fact that I want my sweater to be perfect since I'll actually wear it and and. Aauuugah! I need to stop harping. I just need to sit down, drop that stitch 40 some times, then crochet pick-up back up and repeat for all of them. Hey, it beats re-knitting the entire back.

Ran out late today to Knitting Arts to buy a Kacha Kacha counter. They were out, too. Yesterday we-Char, Melissa, James, Greg, and I (poor james and greg)- went on an expedition to SF and we went to ImaginKnit, Japantown, Papersource (M, yeah, it was that store I'd bookmarked!), and Art Fibers. ImaginKnit and Art Fibers didn't have the Kacha kacha in stock.

Finally ran over to Michaels because I knew they carried a limited selection of clover needles. TADA! Kacha Kacha's in abundance! ~$7.50 including tax. Alas, it would have been 40% cheaper if I'd had the Sunday ad. No sense in looking back, though. It probably cost me $3 in gas to get there and back.

Also swung by Aunty Tracy's (and Uncle Tom's) to drop off an extra Rowan #37 Magazine. Showed her the German Twisted cast on and tried to remember the suspended bind off.

And in case the boys read this... Thanks again for coming with us. Sorry we didn't bring the game boys. Must remember to pop that into the bag next time we drag the boys shopping. They didn't even whine. Not a peep. For hours, when we shopped right through lunch. In a yarn store.