so kittens in india won't die

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What. You thought I was going to watch the superbowl and blog about it or something? Ha.

It has been midterm madness here, coupled with some projects, Chinese New Year (yes, it is a holiday we do celebrate with several family dinners that requires dieting afterwards), some work work, and a bit of knitting. James' secret project was finally finished. Must bring the camera to get a photo of it :) Big noggin beanie ;)

Finally sent back two discs of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi: Vol. 3&4, mostly unwatched, plus Hero. Also unwatched. Just hadn't really watched them in so long. Then last night I vegged watching bad tv when there was no great tv. Yes, I was feeling a bit :/ harumph that I'd returned Hero. As one of professor's said, "It's interesting how fast we go from priviledged to entitlement". I grew up on public access and now can't find anything great with 300 channels. I watched a bit of X-Files but evidently they were playing the "David Duchovney quit" episodes or something with an Agent Reyes.

OHHH. Here's some news. I saw Leticia from high school randomly when I went to my local Peet's on ... Monday, to stock up on another tin of tea (Hmmmm. Tea. I haven't had my first cup yet).

robin: you need to update your blog
me: do I
robin: yes
me: for what reason?
robin: the world must know the goings-on of the life of freecia
robin: or tragedy will befall
robin: kittens will die in india
me: did you have more sugar?
me: are kittens in india cute?
robin: i'm working on a soda but it hasn't kicked in
robin: yes
me: you sure?
me: 'cause if they're not cute
robin: very sure
me: they're not worth saving
[no comment on the non-cute kittens]


Ah yes, the Agent Reyes episodes of the X-files. Even though Mulder wasn't around, I still watched them all. :)

The title for your post? Brilliant!

I really hate the mismatched bra and tank top thing, too, btw. I always wonder how difficult it could possibly be to put a white or cream bra under a white tank top...

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