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My yarn diet has gone the way of all diets. Uncommon Threads had a great sale today on Debbie Bliss! $3 a ball! $4 for Alpaca Silk (of which there was none left but thanks to Becky I have some anyhow.) So, of course, I fell for more moldy green Merino DK which is actually called Blue-green. And matches the blog colors :) So yes, dear reader, I stockpiled and now have to destash "archived yarn" since I bought an entire bag! Sweater land here I come... eventually. Hollis helped me compare yardage for a sweater and the merino dk has a whopping 110m/50g which made it a great buy (less balls of yarn needed). Yeah yeah, I know, I'm such a lost cause. DK weight, too, ohh I'll be knitting that sweater for a loong time. Maybe it will be done by next fall.

Also picked some up in mommy's favorite purple for ... the dog. I'm kinda wondering if I should use the Plymouth Worsted or Debbie Bliss Merino Aran to make the geriatric sweetie dog (no, not my mother. the dog) a sweater. Spoiled cutie.

The stash is now too big for my tiny IKEA box and with stitches west coming up (*pumps fist in air once again* even though it looks so dorky) I think I'll need another box. Not to worry, I have one in the closet filled with a few bags. Hah. Yeah, that's going to be reappropriated super-quick.

Sales aside, life goes on, the rain comes down, and homework needs to be done. And tea needs to be made. If it weren't so illogical, I really wish someone would open a yarn cafe. You know, sell caffeine and yarn? Ahh. Seattle-ites are lucky with their yarn cafes open at late hours. I would pay good money to buy needles/gauges/patterns/etc at 9 pm at night. Must go do some homework so I don't have to commit hara-kiri on my expensive addi turbo needles


Hey There! My Franklin Covey planner only goes until about 9pm, which isn't terribly late, but at least it doesn't stop at 5pm, which I have seen before.

My Kate Spade planner (which is my non-work planner) just has a blank space for each date, which makes tracking the late night stuff much easier. :) It's also a lot more compact, which is handy.

I would LOVE it if there was a yarn cafe close to me. And if the cafe also sold wine and beer? Well, that'd be just about perfect.

I hope you will forgive this extremely annnoying, irrelevant- to- the- topic question, but I couldn't find a general e-mail address, so here goes: do you happen to remember the name of the book that you used to make your purple kitty (featured in your blog in June?) It looked like you did a great job on it, and I would love to learn to make stuffed animals too. Anyway, I apologize again for "commenting" in the wrong place and hope you will excuse the intrusion!
Kathy B.

FREECIA! How could you go buy so much yarn just before Stitches!

Anyways, you'll have to check it out for me on Friday/Saturday, but wanna go on Sunday again? I am tempted to give you a birthday gift now (hint) before you go to Stitches. . .

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