need vs want part two


Other than falling for some knitting needles, beverages, and meals out, I think I did fairly well. I made my donation to MSF today. I've been sitting tight and keeping my tush at home where the .com stores have been trying to lure me in. What I do want is a new highly adjustable office chair... My tush is complaining.

So here's the button I get to display with pride-

I'm also working on a late xmas gift for someone who knows it goes around the head but does not yet know the pattern and yarn so I'll resist posting a picture of this totally gorgeous color.

Char and Melissa are out this weekend on the other coast and I think I have travel envy. Of course Jet Blue would take this opportunity and e-mail an extended special offer. Righto. My homepage at Get Back to Work is reminding me that I have work to do. Best finish the browsing and get back to work!