mittenette fevah!

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If you are craving more mittenettes (always nice in icky weather) give Natalya a look-see.
There is an absolutely gorgeous pair Norma is knitting that really shows off the cabling. Make your knit time stretch with cables! :) This is also knit in the round but on US #8 dpn.

Use your skewed humor and apply it to the "Caption Abigail's mittens" contest. Come on Char. Stare harder, think dirty. We know you can.


Guess who made her first pair of mittenettes. Yeah, I knit one much tighter than the other though, so one was bigger than the other, so I had to change numbers of rows, and now they look pretty much the same. Although I didn't have the same problem and make two of the same hand! Although, you are very right, I don't think anyone would ever notice!
I think they are cute, and might try another pair!

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